Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Police Chase Motorbike Driver on a10games.games is a game for those who are always on the lookout for crooks. Follow your instincts and apprehend the crooks that are causing trouble in your town. Every mission has its own set of constraints. Complete objectives and gather money placed all over the city to unlock motorcycles. Keep the criminals out, since you're the city's superhero. Confront them and, if necessary, kill them. Allowing them to flee is not an option! However, with each impact, your bike's health will deteriorate. Enjoy every moment you spend here and don’t forget to check out other awesome games. Some recommended options for you are Rally Champ and Colorful Racing at a10games.games


Instruction to play:

 ( Drive / Move Left ) Press A - ( Drive / Move Right ) Press D - ( Breaks ) Press SPACE - ( Drive / Move Reverse ) Press S - ( Drive / Move Forward ) Press W - ( Get in Car ) Press F - ( For Shooting ) Use Mouse Left Click - ( For Aim ) Use Mouse Right Click.