Mummy Candy Treasure

Collect the biggest candies to achieve a high score in the Mummy Candy Treasure game at Mummies need your help in this game. Each level will give you a certain number of points. You need to collect the rewards or the biggest candy and gold bars to improve the score and complete the levels that this game has brought to online players.

Our character will stand on the sand, and under it will be placed candy and other items. You need to pull out the candy with the help of a hook and in any case, you can't touch other objects if you don't want to waste a lot of time in vain. Take time for big candies because you only have a fixed amount of time to join this game. If you have not achieved the required score by the end of time, you will lose.

Therefore, please observe the position of the candies to collect them most accurately. Make sure you have enough time for this interesting game and participate in A10games games to not be bothered by advertising. We are constantly updating new games for players. Therefore, you will not miss the time to join this new journey. Collect all high-value items to score.

If you run out of time and don't want to pull other objects, use scissors to cut the string and continue your work with bigger candies. Players can use the money to buy support equipment during the game. Numerous new challenges will attract you to join and relax. Share some other similar games for you like Draw Park and Basket Random. Will you top the rankings today?


Instruction to play:

Left click to release fishing rod after you have selected the correct position