Jet Rush

Jet Rush is a great arcade-based game, you can play for free on A10 for free. You control a high-tech jet plane and you must pilot it through a series of challenging course and obstacles. The controls to drive your jet are straightforward. The speed of your plane is fast and you must work hard to avoid the obstacles and conquer each level. 

You will encounter moving platforms, narrow corners, and a series of twists and turns – you must react quickly and keep control of your jet to avoid crashing. As you progress through the levels you will collect coins – you can use these coins to purchase new jet models and upgrades! Isn't it great, what are you waiting for without joining the game right now to enjoy the best moments.

Complete the game perfectly and express yourself with the gaming tips you've learned from previous games. Will any player win if you play this game with your friends? We suggest players with games of the same theme that you can hardly miss during your free time such as Big Bird Racing and Backflipper at

Instruction to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to steer.