Neon Fence

A new relaxation game that is perfect for de-stressing after a hard day at work is Neon Fen from A10 2019. If you have experienced this genre of arcade relaxation game, you will find the gameplay familiar but with some updates. For new players, challenge your technique and enjoy the leisure of fencing in the requested colored blocks.

It's a simple-ruled game where the players need to draw a white line around the blocks with the requested colors. It sounds easy, but there will be some challenges as well. For the first few levels, covering all blocks of the same color is very easy since they all stay at the same spot. However, as you move onto higher levels, these blocks will be scattered all over the screen!

First, check the requested colors at the top bar of the game at Then, plan on how to draw your line carefully. Take even the furthest blocks into account. If you miss out even one block, the level is considered a failure. Another feature that makes this game more interesting and thrilling is the fact that it's a timing game.

If you can't cover the required blocks within the time frame, you will have to start over again. We believe that our players with their best techniques to draw a precise line will become the aces in this game without even breaking a sweat! For more options from the same category, you can take the time to play games like Monster Truck Madness and Spongebob Quirky Turkey as well.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact.