Enjoy the Reversi online game at today. You will love this special game world when trying to move the pieces and block both ends to turn the opponent's piece color into yours. This game will surprise you with the special discoveries you use to win this game. Move pieces and get the most pieces when participating in the level of the game from easy to difficult.

You can also share this game with your friends and win them by joining the two-player mode. The list of players winning this game is constantly updated. Do not hesitate. Win the game and get the highest score in your spare time. Players observe the opponent's movement to block their pieces at either end and color all opponent's pieces. This is a trick you need to learn through the different turns if you want to win this game.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to place the piece in the position you want and block the opponent's piece so that they have no chance of changing your piece color