Stick War: New Age

Stickman games have received a new addition. Stick War: New Age on A10 games is the title of the game. The stick combat game welcomes you into an amazing realm of adventure. What are you waiting for to become a member? Join the realm of stickman stick battling by clicking here. Take good care of your Stickman. For the Stick fight, your opponents are ready for the stick fight.You may also use the Armed Stickman to smash your opponents and some of the obstacles that you come across. Are you ready to learn how to fight with a stick? The game has a lot of difficulties for you to overcome. Swinging barbed balls, revolving bladed wheels, and rolling pebbles. You'll come across barriers that are more challenging than others in each chapter.

You must master them all and successfully complete all 40 episodes. Step by step, you'll reach success. Enjoy the most fun adventure games stickman stick combat game. You are free to play the game anywhere you like. Stick combat is a game that you may play with your buddies at school or at home. You'll have hours of fun and excitement ahead of you. Hihoy Games hopes you have a good time!

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Instruction to play:

Movement: Arrow Keys Shooting: Mouse Control and Left click