Word Chef Cookies

Do you like playing word games? Word Chef Cookies is for you! So what are you looking for? Press the Play button and let the fun begin! Well, here at a10 games online , your goal is to find all hidden words from given letters which will appear in delicious cookie shapes on the white plate. And what you need is to connect these cookies to form valid words and show them on the board. This sounds simple but not easy when you actually get down to the business.

But, the more challenges, the more fun, right? Then, make use of your vocabulary and try to find all the words. The game gives you 5 different categories of cookies with many levels available in each one. The difficulty will increase per level as well as per the category. And you can only open the next category of cookies when you complete the current one. You may get stuck at times, it’s lucky that you can get hints by clicking the bulb shape on the bottom right corner of the game screen.

However, remember that the number of hints is limited, and you need to find more words to get more hints for future use. You can absolutely invite your friends to join you and ask them when you have no idea in your mind. Click the button on the bottom left corner to change the order of the letters if you think this makes it easier to find out the words. Will you conquer all the challenges and go to the end of the game? Enjoy your time! You may want to play more word games like  Zen Block  and Tic Tac Toe Office Check out at our site a10 games  and you can find various game genres with interesting games updated every day.


Instruction to play:

How to play? Use the mouse to connect the letters.