Silly Ways To Get Infected

A collection of interesting Silly Ways To Get Infected content at will engage you and relax. Coronavirus is extremely dangerous. They can appear everywhere and you need to destroy them in different situations. Each situation will occur continuously and you need to deal quickly, such as washing your hands, wearing a mask, or killing the virus anywhere.

You have 3 lives. If you exceed this limit, the game will end immediately. This is a new game about Corona that any player can join in their free time. Share your playing tips or join your friends to win all the missions and complete this puzzle game at A10games games. Each player has their way of playing and trying to participate to win challenges with familiar content that will help you in your daily life with lessons that you can hardly miss.

Do not hesitate, unlock the missions, and become the best player on the journey to discover the Coronavirus. Useful lessons that appear in the game will make you love this game world. A list of special missions that players need to face when participating in is here. Are you ready to overcome challenges and victories while keeping 3 lives?

This is one of the latest games we updated. Join some similar puzzle games with this game like Hook And Rings or Cannon Shoot Online. Be the best player when joining all games here.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the puzzles you need to find in situations to make the best content.