Heroes Towers

Build a strong tower, equip it with the best crossbows and cannons, and repel the attacking forces! -Every combat involves other players. -Either assault other people's towers with an ally or defend your tower from attacks. -Gain new ranks and move up the rankings. -Accomplish milestones to receive awesome prizes. Whenever you want to relax and free yourself from some annoying things, just visit our site and make use of every gaming moment here. Some of the best options for you are Boom Push and The Great Zombie Warzone at https://a10games.games/

Instruction to play:

 To build or improve a tower element, click on the desired platform and select the desired element. To build and upgrade, you need coins, which you can get by fighting other players. To test your tower, press the DEFEND button. Then 2 opponents will be selected, whose units will attack your tower. To attack the towers of other players, you need heroes who can be hired and upgraded for coins.