Quadrant Commander

Enemies from the space are approaching the Earth. We need you to fly to space on your trusty aircraft get a mission to protect our planet. But this A10 game is not your ordinary shooting game. Instead of moving around and shooting any enemy at sight, you will have to use the ability to take advantage of coordinates to shoot in space. Since space is infinite, you can't just move to the location of the enemies.

The only way is to defeat the aliens using the available radar. First, take a look at the game screen. You need to choose the grid type and game mode. Time mode will be incredibly challenging since it requires the players to react fast under pressure. If you have already become a pro, take up this challenge! Beginners should start off easy with the other mode. Use the radar which shows the coordinate of our enemies to know their location.

You will have to enter the right coordinate number on the ship's display, jump to that place then fire to blast at the enemies. The players can choose to play in 1 or 4 quadrants depending on their expertise and knowledge in coordinates reading. This game is available for free at https://a10games.games/ so don't miss out on the chance to learn more about fighting in space! This is the new generation of space games with cool themes and elaborated gameplay. Look out for other games from the same category such as Don't Break Ads Box and CPL Tournament.

Instruction to play:

Enter the number using the keyboard or the mouse.