Don't Break Ads Box

How good is your navigating and driving skills? These two qualities are the most crucial to succeed in Don't Break Ads Box, a collecting game from A10 online 2019! Just by driving a car around the map, you need to crash into the right boxes to gather points. As the game takes place on a 2D flat surface, the players will have a downward point of view to guide the car better.

Take up the challenges one at a time because only after finishing one level will you be able to move onto the next. The fun never ends with tons of cool levels in! Except for ads, use your car to aim straight at the boxes. If you manage to crash all of the available boxes, the task is considered done. The driving task is not complicated but it's crucial to pay attention to the boxes nearby walls since they are close to the corners.

It will not be easy to get out of the corners, therefore, be careful with your direction. There are two numbers on the top of the screen showing the number of boxes that you crash and the number of ads that you touch, relatively in red and green. Keep check of the green number to know the limit of the ads. If possible, try not to touch any ad at all! The best players are the ones who can make the mission completed with the shortest path and shortest time! In our collection, you can find more fun driving games like CPL Tournament and Bombing Tactics too.

Instruction to play:

Use W to accelerate, S to back off, A and D to control the direction.