Stickman That One Level

Welcome to the simple logic game Stickman That One Level, in which Stickman keeps attempting to flee. Your stickman is in the chamber with the door, sticks, a platform, a golden key, and spikes. The creators of the Noob vs. Pro team's Stickman: That One Level successor of logic games with Noob and Pro experiences have released it. I live from jailbreak to jailbreak. The Stickman is attempting to flee once more! Stick won't be able to elude the jail! You may find all of this in the video game Stickman That One Level! Play this game and find out if this game is as great as other games that you have played on our site before. Besides, don’t forget to enjoy other games such as Stormbreaker and Zombies Are Coming at


Instruction to play:

 both left and right up and down arrows to run. Solve the puzzle to complete the level.