Apple Dumplings

Apple Dumplings game online at makes you unable to resist the wonderful taste of this special cake. Any player would like to try cooking great food in their free time and you will love the apple dumpling recipes that this game has updated for our girls. It is the sweet taste of apples and cinnamon. This dish will be very delicious if served with ice cream.

Make a dish for family and friends during vacations or free time. Learn how to bake an apple dumpling with steps from preparing ingredients to kneading dough and perfecting the dumpling. You can then decorate the dumpling and enjoy it. This game has attracted a lot of game players around the world to unlock dumpling levels and guide girls when they try to cook in a new game at a10games games.

You can join this game many times after you have perfected it. Share with other players an interesting game and how you finished it in your free time. Some similar games are also updated by players with other great dishes to enjoy and perfect in their spare time. Will you love this special game space without being bothered?

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button and follow the instructions to cook and make delicious apple dumplings