Draw and Park

Players are invited to have a fun time positioning automobiles in this online game that combines parking and sketching. You will not need to be able to drive this time. Make a path from your automobile to the parking lot. On the road, there will be a variety of challenges and hurdles. Pave the path so you can travel around anything safely and without crashing. 

Over time, you'll find yourself parking two, or perhaps three, automobiles. One issue is that they begin driving at the same moment, putting them in danger of colliding. Draw a path for each one to avoid any mishaps. With each stage, the game becomes more difficult; try to cross the finish line without causing any accidents and take the position allotted to you by the color of your car.

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Instruction to play:

 Swipe your finger to create the perfect path for driving and parking cars. Be careful and do not create accidents. Enjoy a fun parking game.