Monkey Bridge

Join Monkey Bridge to challenge your guessing power. Create a bridge to help the monkey move through the pillars. This game at completely attracts more players than ever before. You start challenging the ability to observe and find the appropriate length of the bridge in each move. If the bridge is too long, the monkey will fall into the water. Therefore, do not forget to choose the best way to play the game on your journey.

With each turn, you will try to get the highest score and win in the next round. Creating bridges of the right length becomes a more important task than ever. Players will not be disturbed during the game. Instead, new opportunities constantly challenge you through the journey we bring to players around the world. Do not hesitate to unlock today's missions.

A10games games of school introduce many new games that players can join. Choose your playstyle now. Share with friends this fun game and pass it to the highest score. Bridges must match the distance of the two pillars. If it is shorter or longer, you can lose and have to help the monkey from the beginning. Move through the new locations on the journey until you complete the mission.

Images of monkeys appearing in the game are very funny and attract many players around the world to join the latest games in their spare time. A hard game for you to take on this journey. Challenge your talent to move and estimate the distance to complete the bridges. A task seemed simple but extremely difficult. Similar games for you like Breakout Bricks and Save The Girl. Unlock all levels.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to draw bridges and release the mouse button when you have finished drawing