Happy Snakes

Io games like Happy Snakes bring the best exploring moments for the players in A10 for kid thanks to its various updated features and a cool set of characters. If you love the smooth movement of the snakes, try out this one! You will grow your own snake and try to tackle other snakes controlled by other players from all around the world!

It's one of the best parts for IO games in which you can communicate and interact with real-time players, which increase the satisfaction for the game. Your snake will grow by absorbing the scatted glowing dots. The bigger your snake is, the more advantages it has. Not only does a bigger size allow it to attack other snakes but it also prevents you from becoming an easy target.

The wilderness can be a cruel world where the other snakes will not refrain from eating you. Moreover, you can customize some choices so that the game level suits you better. Choose among three options for field sizes: small, medium and large. Remember that the smaller it is, the more chances that you are caught up by the enemies.

Also, change the skin of the snakes freely! The gameplay, in general, is fast-paced, so we recommend that you start moving as soon as you land on the map. At https://a10games.games you can also rely on a mini-map to see the location of others. More games like Rolly Vortex and Tic Tac Toe Office also come from this category.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to move and press the left mouse button to boost speed.