La Shark

Are you looking for something new? If so, the game La Shark at a10 kids will definitely bring you many interesting things and you have never had before. This is an addictive shark game that you can play for free in your browser. When you enter the game you will start with level 1 and your task in this game is to control the giant shark diving under the sea and attacking those on the water.

It sounds like an action game, right? In this game, there will be a map showing where people appear so you can best control the shark to the place and attack. But the sea is immense and the people still have many different positions. So for you to attack is not a simple thing. It requires you to move accurately, to observe the location of the nearest people to attack. Note that the game also requires time. So you need to be agile and use your intelligence. The game also sets certain requirements for the number of people you can attack.

If you complete the target then your game will win. And if you have not reached the target and time is up, your game will end in failure. Share this game La Shark at play a10games with your friends and invite them to join the game now to have the opportunity to experience with a giant shark. What do you think if I join some other similar game genres like Sparkman 2 and Run Around Online at a10 game play

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to be able to win the challenge.