Unicycle Mayhem

The Unicycle Mayhem game kicks off the combat between the ragdoll puppet fighters! These ragdoll figures are attempting to balance on a bicycle with one wheel. As a shot strikes the ground, the ground is prepared with destructible fragments, and when each piece falls to the ground, the floor will disappear. Your objective is to knock your opponent to the ground by destroying the bricks or the floor on which they are standing. Five points will win the game! The battle of the unicycle puppets has begun! So enjoy every moment and make sure you check out other choices of games available for free on our site such as Brave Adventure and Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

Instruction to play:

 Move: "A, D" or "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS" Shoot: "SPACE" If playing 2 players: Player 1 Move: "A, D" Shoot: "G" Player 2 Move: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS" Shoot: "L"