Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus at is a new battle where you must fight to destroy all viruses that appear and they can attack you at any time and make you lose when you join this game. Be careful during the move and locate the virus to destroy them before you complete the next task. This new war will surely fascinate you with the most special way of playing the game.

Watch for viruses if they appear around you for a time attack and win every game we have updated for online players around the world. Each player is ready with different ways of joining and fighting skills. You can expand your game world without being bothered by ads or game loading speed in new fighting games at A10games.

With 4 different game content and easy, medium, or hard levels, players overcome challenges and start a new trip to participate in exciting games in the viral world. Survive and complete the tasks of each level given to you. Each player's game world will be more special than ever.

Get ready for your trip now. A lot of missions are waiting for you to discover this new game. Be the best player on that journey. Share your play tips with other combat participants now. Some other similar fighting games that players can hardly miss after every stressful working hour like Paradise Cube and Corona Conqueror. If you lose, rejoin the game to gain experience.

Instruction to play:

Arrow keys to move, left mouse to shoot, follow other instructions when participating in the game