Skribbl is IO game which is inspired by pixi drawing game. Join a lobby full of players from all over the world and try to draw the chosen words as good as possible so the other players can guess it. One player is drawing at a time while the other ones have to guess the correct word by typing it into the chat window on the right. 

If you found the correct answer your name will appear green in the leaderboard on the left side. In you will earn points for the correct answer. Of course the first player to guess the right word gets the most points followed by the second and third and so on. Each player can draw 3 times in total and the one with the most points after the game ends wins the match.

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Instruction to play:

You are not only guessing words, you also have to draw! When it’s your turn you can choose between 3 different words. Take the one prefer, preferably one that you can draw easily, because you won’t have unlimited time to finish your drawing.