Rome Simulator

Simulator games bring you to the most realistic sets with inspiration from different eras and locations around the world. With the latest game Rome Simulator from A10 online game, let's prepare for the journey like no other before! Only in this game will you be able to join in an interesting retro 3D game taking place in the old era of Rome. The setting and layouts are full of details with elaborated motions for the characters.

You need to control your player, move him around and make him fight the others. Your enemies might show up one by one and then gather in groups to attack you more vigorously. The highlight of this game at is the simulator feature which allows the kids to feel as if they are really battling in the ancient era. Pick up the weapons such as swords, shield,... on the way to take advantage of those deadly weapons.

The game ends when you finish eliminating all the required enemies or when your energy runs out, depending on which happens first. How many scores will you gain? Don't forget to take a look at the supplies and tools from the store. Purchase some updates to make your soldier look cooler and become more powerful as well! In case that there are too many enemies surrounding you, our advice is that you should find a hiding spot nearby. Just use your own strategy to dodge the attacks and claim the victory! Other than this, more games like Banana Running and MMA Fighter can also be fun to share with your friends.

Instruction to play:

Use Z key to hide, W, A, S, D to move, C to crouch, Q to jump.